The Cattery

The cats are housed in spacious pens, where each cat can see it's neighbour. There can be no direct contact, however, as each pen is divided by Perspex and wood panels. Heated beds are available. The Cattery is a considerable distance away from the dog kennels, to avoid upsetting the cats by any noise of barking dogs.


We have a good selection of cat food only the best food is provided/used regular daily meal times are strictly a heard to. Special dietary needs can be met by arrangement for example own food.


All cats must be fully vaccinated and owners must produce an up-to date vaccination certificate each time on arrival, without this evidence admission will be refused to protect our other boarders.
In the case of your cat becoming ill, a veterinary surgeon will be called on the behalf of the owner, vet fees are the responsibility of the owner and will be billed by the vet or on collection.
All cats boarding with us must have a current flea and wormer treatment.


Medication can be administered at no extra cost. Cats with infectious/contagious conditions will be refused.


Cats will not be accepted without an up to date vaccination certificate and must be immunised against cat flu, feline enteritis and preferably feline leukaemia.

Care / Attention

All cats staying with us are fussed and pampered on a daily bases as you would at home it is very important to us that your cat is happy and relaxed.


Many cats prefer there own bedding and also helps them settle in and feel like home.
Bedding can also be provided at no extra cost.